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A tattoo artist sketches a new drawing on a man's chest.
Theme Photos / Unsplash

More Americans than ever have tattoos, with a recent Harris Poll survey finding three in ten adults are inked. Shifting attitudes toward tattoos are leading to changes in hiring practices, like a new Vermont State Police policy giving officer ink the stamp of approval, provided the tattoo is covered when in uniform. We're talking about changing attitudes around tattoos and what they mean today.

Rule changes to the federal Title X program have prompted the state of Vermont to step in to continue funding some of the care provided by Planned Parenthood.
Delmaine Donson / iStock

The federal Title X family planning program provides reproductive health care to low-income and uninsured families. We'll hear about the state's recent decision to fill the $800,000 gap that now exists for Planned Parenthood funding after a recent policy change by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

An old rusty car falls apart under a dilapidated garage.
Christopher Windus / Unsplash

The Pownal select board met this month to discuss a proposed junk ordinance to regulate salvage yards, waste disposal and junk vehicles. One person's junk is another's treasure, or so the saying goes. But where do we draw the line when it comes to public displays of those so-called treasures?

'Vermont Edition' sought out the scariest ride at the Champlain Valley Fair.

A few years ago, Vermont Edition dispatched a team of producers and reporters to the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction for a single day. Their mission? Capture personal stories as diverse as the crowd itself. And did they ever! We'll listen back to all the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the fair.

A woman holds a copy of the weekly newspaper Seven Days featuring a story in the "Hooked" series on opioids and addiction.
Matthew Smith / VPR

The stigma surrounding opioid addiction is pervasive. Many grappling with it, and even those years into their recovery, often struggle to talk with their doctors or families about it. But when addiction and recovery intersect with pregnancy, that stigma is only amplified. 

Aerial footage of the Cotton Brook landslide in Mount Mansfield State Forest in June 2019.
Vermont Agency of Transportation UAS team, Courtesy

Earlier this year, Vermont recorded one of its biggest landslides on record in Waterbury's Cotton Brook area of the Mount Mansfield State Forest. No one was hurt in the tumult but 12 acres of hillside vanished, and part of a popular trail and nearby stream were damaged. VPR reporter John Dillon visited the site and shares the insights scientists are gleaning from the rare geological event. 

Hartford resident Makale Camara asked members of the selectboard to restrict all communication between local police and federal immigration authorities.
Peter Hirschfeld / VPR FILE

The town of Hartford has been grappling with its official stance on what it means to be a welcoming city. VPR reporter Peter Hirschfeld joined Vermont Edition to detail some of the events that have recently transpired in the Upper Valley related to protests around the country's immigration policies. 

Jeff Weaver, presidential campaign adviser for Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the center of a press scrum in Des Moines, Iowa during Sanders' 2016 presidential bid.
Andrew Harnik / AP

There are just five months to go before the Iowa caucuses, and a number of polls put Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders among the front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination. We're talking with Sanders' senior presidential campaign adviser Jeff Weaver about the challenges facing the Sanders campaign in the months ahead.

Diocese of Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne joins "Vermont Edition" to discuss the findings of a lay commission that reviewed files for allegations of child sexual abuse by a member of the clergy.
Patrick Semansky / Associated Press/File

As the clergy abuse scandal in the Catholic Church continues to unfold, Vermont has not been immune. Last fall, Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington created a committee of lay people to examine the files of Vermont priests for reports of child sexual abuse. We'll hear what they found.

A collection of front pages from the Burlington Free Press.
Matthew Smith / VPR

America's two largest newspaper companies are merging, and after GateHouse Media's purchase of Gannett is complete, the Burlington Free Press — and more than 260 other papers across the country — will have new owners.  We're talking about what the merger means for these papers and how the changes affecting the news and media industries are being felt in Vermont.

Waterbury, seen here in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, was one of the towns that sustained severe flood damage from the storm.
Toby Talbot / AP file

Eight years ago, Vermont was waylaid by Tropical Storm Irene, causing intense flooding around the state. For those who suffered loss of home and property, it's an event they'll never forget. We look at what's been done to prepare for future flooding in the state.

Max Misch, alleged to have harassed former Vermont legislator Kiah Morris, is shown here at a press conference held by Attorney General T.J. Donovan in Bennington in January.
Linda Rathke / Associated Press/File

Last year, then-Rep. Kiah Morris of Bennington announced she would not seek re-election to her Statehouse seat, citing racial harassment by avowed white supremacist Max Misch. Since then, Misch was charged with unlawful possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device or magazine. That charge is now being challenged by Misch, bringing one of Vermont's new gun control laws to the state Supreme Court.

A silhouette of a boy reading a book outside in front of a sunset.
Aaron Burden / Unsplash

Summer vacation is winding down and students will soon head back to school, but does a long summer holiday still make sense for students today?

A 1900s print of the Battle of Bennington.
New York Public Library Digital Collection / Wikimedia Commons

Vermont honors Bennington Battle Day every Aug. 16, marking a day that signaled a turning point in the American Revolution and a critical defeat of British forces. But few are as familiar with a piece of music composed by Bennington virtuoso pianist Ernest Murray commemorating the battle.

Yes, that's right. This Bennington Battlefield marker is in New York State where the battle was actually fought.
Matt H. Wade / Wikimedia Commons

It seems like one of those little Vermont oddities to outsiders: Vermont's state government closes down every Aug. 16 to commemorate an armed conflict that took place across the river in New York State. We'll get all the details of the Battle of Bennington.

A small house in the foreground casts a shadow of a much larger house in the background, suggesting downsizing and transitioning.
Charlie AJA / iStock

Seniors downsizing a home often face a difficult and emotional transition from a larger house — one that may have been "home" for years — to a smaller apartment or into some form of a senior community. We're talking about what such a move entails and how to plan for it. And what's involved in sorting through a lifetime of possessions and choosing what to donate, sell, recycle or keep.

A meal from Springfield High School features a chicken quesadilla on a whole-grain tortilla, salad, steamed carrots and daikon radishes, apples and carrot sticks.
Vermont Agency of Education

Fourteen Vermont schools will lose their free lunch and breakfast programs when students return for classes this fall. But while the programs' sunsetting are ostensibly due to fewer kids living in poverty, child nutrition experts say many of those students still face food insecurity and uncertainty about their next meal.

Left, a photo of black mold inside a home; right, an image of a radon atom. "Vermont Edition" discusses how to test for mold or radon in your home and how to get rid of it.
Evgen_Prozhyrko via iStock / Greg Robson via Wikimedia Commons

Radon sounds like the subject of a 1950s sci-fi flick that turns wee little ants into colossal, man-eating monsters. And mold just sounds bad from the outset. But they really are serious health concerns. We'll discuss why you don't want either coming into your home.

A dog waits for a treat during a heat wave in Romania on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019.
Vadim Ghirda / AP

It's easy to spot a well-trained dog. Maybe the pup is well-behaved in a large group of people or other dogs. Perhaps the pooch can sit, shake and roll over on command. But what's involved in training your pet that molds a calm, confident and well-behaved dog? We're talking about dog training and dog psychology with two Vermont dog trainers. 

Author Rick Winston's book "Red Scare In The Green Mountains" looks at the era of McCarthyism in Vermont from 1946 through 1960.
Rootstock Publiching, Courtesy

Vermont Edition presents two encore interviews with Vermont authors who wrote about some rather compelling moments in the state's history: how Vermont weathered instances of Red Scare, and a judiciary scandal that reached all the way to the Vermont Supreme Court.