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Stuff some seed packets in a stocking and other great gift ideas for the gardeners on your list

Gardeners are easy to shop for and with just days till the holiday, you can run to your favorite local garden center or farm store and stock up on gifts.

Perhaps you procrastinated and are scrambling to find gifts for the gardeners in your family. Luckily, there are a number of great gifts - from small hand-tools to special grippy gloves to seed packets - that any garden-lover will be thrilled to receive.

Here are a few suggestions of multi-use gifts for the gardener in your life:

1. Rubber tub with handles: These rubberized plastic tubs can hold about 3 to 20 gallons of material in them — whether it be produce, weeds, harvested veggies or compost. Your gardener will find them to be sturdy and long-lasting.

2. Nitrile garden gloves: These form-fit your hands and are great for gripping and not slipping as you work in your garden and with tools. They are tough as leather, too.

3. Tool totes: These are belts that wrap around a five-gallon bucket, like the cross-body tool bag. It can hold string, tools, clippers, seeds, everything you need to carry out to your garden space in one easy lift.

4. Seed-starting supplies: These are great for getting a leg-up on your garden for starting seeds indoors for next spring and summer. You could include the pots, soil, new seed varieties, markers, everything! Or even gift some microgreens or baby lettuce seeds for growing a small indoors garden this winter. They'll love gardening year round.

5. Ceramic pots: Give the gardener in your life a reason to add more plants to their homes!

I have a seven- or eight-year-old poinsettia that is about four feet tall, blooms the familiar bright red for months. I try to prune it at least every two years, maybe more, as it is huge! I’ve always been curious about the light requirements. I also saw them standing about seven feet tall in the high tea country of Sri Lanka. It may be outgrowing my ability, space, and pot size to keep this as an indoor plant! - Libby, in Danville

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Mary Engisch is the host and reporter for Weekend Edition Saturday and Weekend Edition Sunday on VPR.
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