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Sportswriter Alexander Wolff's latest book takes on a new subject: His own family

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Courtesy of Alexander Wolff
Alexander Wolff of Cornwall, Vt., tackles the story of his ancestors in his latest book.

The writer Alexander Wolff of Cornwall, Vt., is a well-known sports reporter and editor. During his 36 years at Sports  Illustrated, Wolff covered some of the sporting world’s biggest events, from the Tour de France to the Olympics. He’s written extensively about basketball and authored numerous books on the sport.

A blue and white book cover
Courtesy of Alexander Wolff
The cover of Alexander Wolff's new memoir, "Endpapers."

In his most recent work, Wolff tackles an entirely new subject: his own family. His grandfather, Kurt Wolff, was born in Germany of Jewish descent. After fleeing to New York City to escape the Nazis, Kurt went on to found Pantheon Books, a notable publishing house. Kurt's son — Alexander’s father — remained in Germany and was conscripted into the German army.

Wolff tells their stories in his book “Endpapers: A Family Story of Books, War, Escape and Home.” The paperback edition came out in March. Wolff joined Vermont Edition to discuss the process of researching the book in Germany and uncovering details of his family’s complex history.

Broadcast on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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