Portraits of Mark Hughes, Yuol Herjok and Jabulani Gamache, newly appointed members of Burlington's Police Commission.
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Vermont's largest city has been grappling with questions around police oversight after incidents of alleged excessive force. The tipping point came in May, after federal lawsuits accused Burlington officers of using unnecessary force against black men.

In light of these incidents, the city council in June appointed three black men to the citizen commission that oversees Burlington police. The new members all have different backgrounds, but they share common goals: repairing trust between the community and police.

An apartment building under construction.
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Public officials and developers say restrictions and local opposition to development has created a housing crunch in Vermont's biggest city.

A woman stands between two barn doors painted with a chicken.
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Mary Lacy is a Jericho native who thinks big. She paints outdoor murals: giant images, usually of nature, that adorn urban landscapes. Her paintings of fish, hummingbirds and bees splash across buildings and along byways in vibrant color.

The site of where a new mall is set to be built in downtown Burlington.
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The CityPlace Burlington project is facing more delays as developers appear to be scaling back the proposed redevelopment in the city's downtown core.

Cement barries and signs covering a fence with the word "shop."
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The Burlington CityPlace project — a proposed redevelopment of the downtown mall — has had a tumultuous history. We've laid out a timeline of notable milestones in the still-uncompleted project's lifespan.

The empty site of the proposed mall redevelopment in downtown Burlington.
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After years of delays and broken promises, the Burlington city council apparently learned of more problems with the $200 million CityPlace redevelopment project Monday night. So far, however, no details have been shared with the public.

An angled view looking up at the Vermont Statehouse.
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A prosecutor's decision last month to drop three high-profile criminal cases in Chittenden County has prompted a legislative review of the state's justice system.

A Burlington Police Department officer equipped with a body camera.
Burlington Police Department, courtesy

In March, 54-year-old Douglas Kilburn died three days after getting into an altercation with Burlington Police Officer Cory Campbell. The fight occurred after Campbell responded a second time to Kilburn's behavior at the UVM Medical Center, including blocking the ambulance bay with his car. Vermont's chief medical examiner ruled Kilburn's death a homicide, but did not find a specific cause of death. Now a court decision has led to the public release of Officer Campbell's body camera footage of the incident.

Two men seated at a table, and one standing at a podium, during an indoor press conference
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The Burlington police officers union says body camera footage of a fight between an officer and a man who later died shows the officer did nothing wrong. The union released the footage to the media Wednesday.

Potential partners look at plans for a new venue in Burlington.
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Burton – a worldwide pioneer in snowboarding – is joining forces with other well-known Vermont businesses, in hopes of bringing something new to its own neighborhood in Burlington’s South End. If the city approves, the Burton campus will be the new home of Higher Ground and other attractions.

Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo, left, and Deputy Chief of Operations Jon Murad speak at a press conference Wednesday in Burlington.
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The Burlington City Council voted last week to create a special committee examining law enforcement policy following several incidents in which officers allegedly used excessive force.

A police car flashes its blue lights.
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Police in Vermont’s largest city face scrutiny following several incidents in which officers allegedly used excessive force.

First, there were questions about a case in which a man died a few days after getting into a fight with a Burlington cop. Then there were two men — both of whom were black — who filed federal lawsuits following their encounters with the department, which were caught on tape. City leaders and residents have since called for reform, including some activists who are taking oversight into their own hands.

The Chittenden County State's Attorney Office, located at the Costello Courthouse on Cherry Street in Burlington, recently dismissed three cases, prompting Gov. Phil Scott to voice his concerns in a letter to Attorney General TJ Donovan.
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Following the recent dismissal of three pending cases by the Chittenden County State's Attorney, Gov. Phil Scott is asking Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan to intervene.

A room in the Miller building at UVM Medical Center, with a bed and a dummy patient laying in it.
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The University of Vermont Medical Center unveiled its new Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building to reporters on Friday. The building has 128 rooms, serving specialty surgery, cardiology, oncology and orthopedic patients.

The interior of the VPR talk studio with a microphone, chair and VPR logo on the wall.
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In early February, a first-year student at the University of Vermont died after passing out in a snowbank. Connor Gage attended two frat parties the night of his death. He died of hypothermia and acute alcohol intoxication.

UVM. In early February, UVM first-year Connor Gage was found dead in Burlington. He attended two frat parties on the night of his death and died of hypothermia and acute alcohol intoxication. UVM is still investigating the two frats he visited.
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In early February, a first-year student at the University of Vermont died after passing out in a snowbank. Connor Gage attended two frat parties the night of his death, police said. He died of hypothermia and acute alcohol intoxication, police said.

UVM quickly suspended all fraternity activity and started an investigation.

The site of where a new mall is set to be built in downtown Burlington.
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The developers of Burlington’s downtown mall won’t say when construction on the much-delayed project will begin, but sought to reassure city councilors Monday night that they are making progress.

Burlington City Hall on a winter afternoon with the U.S. and city flags blowing in wind.
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Investigations are ongoing into the death of 54-year-old Burlington resident Douglas Kilburn, who died in March just a few days after he was in an altercation with a city police officer. In that encounter, Kilburn was punched in the face by Officer Cory Campbell outside UVM Medical Center. 

Exterior of the Vermont Supreme Court.
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Vermont's highest court heard arguments Wednesday over whether Burlington Police can charge a fee to someone who wants to look at body camera footage.

Chol Dhoor, President of the Sudanese Community and Executive Director of the Sudanese Foundation of Vermont
Courtesy of Chol Dhoor

The ouster of Sudan's longtime dictator, Omar al-Bashir, was welcome news to many of Vermont's roughly 160 Sudanese residents.