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Kent McFarland

The Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area is a destination spot for bird watchers who come to see the thousands of snow geese that flock there.

Aqua Vodka is produced by Appalacian Gap Distillery using excess alcohol from the fermentation-process of making Aqua ViTea's kombucha.
Caleb Kenna / Seven Days

This time, a tale of an alcohol problem, innovation and cooperation. A delightful relationship has blossomed between a Vermont beverage company and spirit maker; Aqua ViTea and Appalachian Gap Distillery. It all started with a big problem that turned into a big win.

Thanksgiving Tunes, Turkey Talk And Gratitude

Nov 16, 2018
Music from VPR Classical over the Thanksgiving holiday will serve up just the right tone for your holiday gatherings.

Join us this Thanksgiving for fresh, seasonal holiday programming! Tune to VPR Classical and let the hosts help you set just the right musical tone for all of your holiday gatherings and feasts. Then, choose VPR for traditional and new Thanksgiving programs, too!

ginton / ISTOCK

It's been a great fall, but the leaves have dropped and it's “stick” season according to my neighbor. But those “sticks” don't have to be uninspiring. There are many trees that have attractive bark making them focal points in your winter landscape. Choosing a new tree based on the bark color or texture certainly should be a considered since we look at many leaf-less trees for a good six months in Vermont. Here are some choices.

Young Writers Project: 'Guacamole'

Nov 16, 2018
Sometimes, how we feel grief doesn't happen in predictable ways. This week, Fairfax writer Avery Daudelin, 16, shares her own unpredictable process of letting go of a loved one.
YWP Photo Library, photo by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano

I chopped onions yesterday and I didn’t cry.

Two avocados, a smidge of tomato, ½ a garlic clove, a few drops of lemon juice, lots of salt, a dash of pepper, our secret ingredient we always forgot the name for, and ¼ of an onion.

VPR Cafe: Celebrating Tradition Through A Family Cookbook

Nov 15, 2018
Creating a cookbook of family recipes will not only preserve traditions but also bring family members together to participate in the project.
Fertnig / iStock

Food, traditions and fond memories. These three wonderful things come together when you create a cookbook of family recipes. Even better, the cookbook can be used as a gift that celebrates who a family is and keeps the family's flavor alive.   

dan_ray / ISTOCK

I like flowering houseplants that need little attention. We all know Christmas cactus are one of the easiest plants to grow and mine are already starting to bloom. But if you're up for a challenge, you might want to try Clivia. This native South African amaryllis-family plant was brought to England in the 1800's by plant explorer James Bowie. He cultivated plants in Lady Clive's conservatory in London. Hence the common name.

Young Writers Project: 'All Fall Down'

Nov 9, 2018
South Burlington, Vermont, poet Iris Robert ruminates on details intrinsic to her character in this week's writing selection.
YWP Photo Library, photo by Audra Drury, Essex Junction, Vermont

If I ever went missing,
my parents could tell the police,
“She leaves behind cups and mugs
stained with her lip-prints
(they're like fingerprints,
but instead of DNA
you’ll find swirling moons
of glossy brown, matte pink, creamy red),
and they circle the rims
as if marking the territory as hers,
all hers.”

VPR Cafe: Distilling An Old-School Spirit In Vermont

Nov 9, 2018
The pie and doughnut house at Shelburne Orchards now features a tasting room where visitors can sample their apple brandy.
James Buck / Seven Days

With the popularity of hard cider and ice cider, one alcoholic apple product has been left in the shadows: apple brandy. But it is still being distilled in Vermont, and one maker has even opened an apple brandy tasting room! 

nevarpp / ISTOCK

The frosts have come and the gardens are almost finished, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the taste of fresh herbs all winter. Many herbs can be grown indoors throughout the winter. These provide not only fresh ingredients for cooking, but emotional and psychological relief from the cold temperatures, short days, gray skies and eventual snow and ice. Here's what to grow and how.

Young Writers Project: 'Too Young/The Sun Will Die'

Nov 2, 2018
Burlington, Vermont, student and writer Hazel Civalier has much to say about the treatment of the Earth she and her peers are soon to inherit.
YWP Photo Library, photo by Sam Aikman, Richmond, Vermont

The year I turn 18, our atmosphere
will release the last particle of helium into space.
There are theories that the universe is random –
incredibly cruel.
I can’t completely agree, considering I was born
in the second year of the second millennia on the twentieth,
and the second atomic element will leave our planet in 2020,
two years from now.

VPR Cafe: Pro Chefs Offer Healthy Cooking Classes

Nov 2, 2018
Cooking students and Chef Cara Chigazola Tobin (center) prepare a meal at Richmond Community Kitchen.
James Buck / Seven Days

All around the region, cooking classes seem to be gaining popularity. Some are run by local members of the community at co-ops and others are offered at resorts and feature celebrity chefs. Whether you want to learn to cook or just sharpen your skills, chances are you'll find one close by. 

Young Writers Project: 'Painter's Sun"

Oct 26, 2018
Rebecca Orten of Middlebury, Vermont, follows the creative process of a painter transitioning from realism to abstraction after a sudden epiphany.
YWP Photo Library, photo by Lia Chien, 16, Jericho, Vermont

You think you know
the color of the sun
until you sit down
to paint it.

You reach for the yellow –
the yellow of sunflowers,
of a cliché crayon drawing you did,
a perfect lemon in the top right corner.

RomoloTavani / ISTOCK

It will be Halloween soon and kids, young and old, will be carving pumpkins for the big event. Halloween decorating almost rivals Christmas for the amount of money spent and the elaborate displays created.

VPR Cafe: Vermont Vino Au Naturel

Oct 26, 2018
Iapetus is a new line of natural wine launched by Shelburne Vineyard.
James Buck / Seven Days

It has taken a while for Vermont wines to get noticed, and the crawl for the state's winemakers has been slow and steady. However, even sub-genres are now being recognized; in particular, natural wine.

stevanovicigor / ISTOCK

With all the excitement of fall cleanup, planting and planning, one chore that's often overlooked is soil testing. Soil testing won't solve all your soil problems and may not even give you all the information you need for healthy soil, but it will give you a snap shot of your soil's mineral health. Also, if done every three to four years, it will show you how that health is changing.

Young Writers Project: 'Changes'

Oct 19, 2018
Fall is a time of transition in nature and this week’s writer follows a character through a spirited New England street scene in the throes of a vibrant autumn.
YWP Photo Library, photo by Emanuel Dawson, Essex Junction, Vermont

A woman hurries down the street, her pale hands pulling a coat tighter against the cold. Her long auburn hair tumbles down her back in loose waves. The brisk air bites at her nose and cheeks, turning them a rosy pink. The red scarf she wears around her neck pops against her paling skin and dark coat. Her tan, freckled skin and blonde hair from summer are gone, along with the glowing, golden-brown hair from spring. The tips of her hair are already fading into a muddy brown color, for winter is coming.

Kent McFarland

There is a story behind roadkill. Millions of accidents every year are caused by collisions with wildlife. How can we manage roadways so that they are safer for everyone, vehicles and animals?

VPR Cafe: Embracing Permaculture In Plainfield

Oct 17, 2018
Chesnuts are part of the perennial agriculture being grown at East Hill Tree Farm in Plainfield.
Jeb Wallace-Brodeur / Seven Days

Permanent + Agriculture = Permaculture. Okay, maybe that's a rudimetary way of explaining what permaculture is but, essentially, it's a more sustainable form of agriculture based on perennials - plants you don't need to replant each year. In this episode, we hear about one Vermont farmer who was unknowingly exposed to permaculture while growing up and then became enamored with it during a trip to India.

Young Writers Project: 'The Steps To Making Tea'

Oct 12, 2018
This week, Liz Martell, 16, of Essex Junction, Vermont, uses the quiet act of making tea as a vehicle to explore the bond between two loving partners.
YWP Photo Library, illustration by Ada Shookenhuff, 14, Bakersfield, Vermont

I have never found myself in poetry,
but I think I may have found
myself in your arms,
as we sit in your kitchen
waiting for the kettle.