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Since the early 1980s, Vermont has welcomed more than 7,000 refugees fleeing humanitarian crises in their home countries. On Tuesday, some of the newest arrivals got a special visit from Gov. Peter Shumlin, who used their English class as the backdrop for his latest volley in the battle over immigration policy.

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The first independent, external audit of Vermont Health Connect has arrived, and Virginia-based auditing firm says the state is out of compliance with federal regulations for state health insurance exchanges.

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After a terrorist attack in Paris killed 129 people over the weekend, more than a dozen governors announced Monday that Syrian refugees are not welcome in their states. Gov. Peter Shumlin’s spokesman said Shumlin welcomes the opportunity to accept refugees.

The administration of Gov. Peter Shumlin says it hopes to avoid asking lawmakers for additional funds for the 2016 fiscal year in the annual budget adjustment and will instead seek authority to shuffle spending within state government.

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Governor Peter Shumlin has over a year left in what will be his final term as Vermont's chief executive. We're checking in with the Governor: talking about the education law, energy policy and solar siting, the latest on Vermont Health Connect, and asking about his thoughts on the coming legislative session and gubernatorial campaign.

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Tuesday morning, a group of top lawmakers and education officials gathered in Essex to congratulate each other on the first school district merger under Vermont’s new school consolidation law, Act 46.

After President Barack Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline Friday, Vermont’s elected officials were quick to praise the decision as a victory against climate change.

“This has been a long time coming, but the president has made the right decision,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy in a statement.

A spokesman for Gov. Peter Shumlin defended the third-term Democrat after Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lisman Tuesday morning after Lisman spent much of his Monday morning campaign launch criticizing the governor's tenure.

“It takes something special for a guy who was part of the Wall Street machine that drove the economy into the worst recession since the Great Depression to talk about mismanagement,” Coriell wrote before giving his assessment of the Shumlin administration.

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Republican Bruce Lisman launched his campaign for governor Monday morning surrounded by family, supporters and calves.

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The Vermont Public Service Board held a hearing Thursday morning about a new agreement between Vermont Gas Systems and the Shumlin administration.

Critics of the Vermont Gas pipeline say the agreement to limit the pipeline's cost to ratepayers is being thrown into the process at the last minute to influence the board. 

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Gov. Peter Shumlin spent Monday campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

Shumlin talked to grassroots Clinton supporters at several stops and he helped launch a phone bank in Portsmouth.

When this picture of project administrator Mike Stevens was taken nearly two years ago, work was about 90 percent complete at the state office complex in Waterbury.
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Almost four years after Tropical Storm Irene, work is nearing completion on the $130 million state office complex in Waterbury. On Thursday, Gov. Peter Shumlin and other state officials toured the site.

As the tour began, Shumlin reminded everyone that budget-wise, reconstructing the Waterbury complex is the largest state government project in Vermont’s history.

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State and federal officials announced new pollution reduction targets for Lake Champlain Friday as well as how the state plans to meet those targets.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin joined VPR by phone on Monday to debrief the chain of events beginning on Friday afternoon that left four people dead in Central Vermont.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin joined a growing group of politicians and advocates calling for an ethics commission to examine conflicts of interest and other ethical issues within Vermont state government.

On Vermont Edition Monday, Shumlin said he supports the premise, though “the devil’s in the details.”

Shumlin said he wanted to be sure such a commission would hold everyone in all three branches of state government equally accountable and wouldn’t grow into a costly bureaucracy.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin is our guest for an hour-long interview on a range of policy issues he's trying to manage, including the state's GMO labeling law, a proposed Ethics Commission and ongoing efforts to transform the state's health care system.

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Former Wall Street executive Bruce Lisman is one of many people publicly considering a run for governor of Vermont. But unlike other prospective candidates, Lisman isn’t formally aligned with a major political party, which means his decision could have a unique influence on the electoral dynamic in 2016.

Marijuana plants.
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Next year’s legislative session will be the last for Gov. Peter Shumlin, who announced in June that he won’t be seeking reelection in 2016. And some prominent lawmakers are hoping to get a marijuana legalization bill to his desk before he leaves office.

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As the hunt for two escaped killers enters its sixth day, Vermont State Police are focusing their search on the shores and islands in Lake Champlain, and about 50 state troopers have joined the search.

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Authorities investigating the escape of two convicted murderers from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. this weekend believe the men might have planned to flee to Vermont.