Kevin Christopher, executive director of Lake Champlain Access Television and president of Vermont Access Network, seated before a microphone in the VPR studios.
Bayla Metzger / VPR

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a new rule that would cut funding to cable-access TV stations. Stations around the country, including in Vermont, say they might cease to exist without it. 

Chris and Martin Kratt performing their live 'Wild Kratts' show on stage.
Courtesy of Wild Kratts Live

The Kratt brothers have introduced kids across the country to a love of animals and nature through a series of wildly popular TV shows, including Kratts' Creatures, Zoboomafoo and now Wild Kratts.

Nemke / iStock

To think that some of our parents lived through the advent of television, watched the explosion of cable, the introduction of HD and are now streaming several seasons of Veep on their computer, it’s safe to say that television has changed massively over the decades. It can also be said that it has changed us as well.