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Take a look at a class roster at the University of Vermont. You'll see the usual stuff there — last name, student ID and class year. But you'll also see something else. Next to some names, there are pronouns: "he" or "she," but also the gender nonspecific "they" or "ze."

They may seem like a few more words on paper, but for some students, like Jeane Robles, having pronouns on the roster means a lot.

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When Ben Shungu weighed his options for playing college basketball three years ago coming out of Rice Memorial High School, his choices were limited.

An artistically lit basketball.
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The University of Vermont’s men’s basketball team is set to face Florida State University in the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. The Catamounts are set to tip off at 2 p.m. Thursday at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Suresh Garimella talks to reporters.
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The University of Vermont has selected Dr. Suresh Garimella as its next president. The board of trustees Friday morning authorized its chair to negotiate a contract with Garimella.

Connor Gage on Mount Mansfield in September 2018.
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The mother of a University of Vermont student who died of hypothermia earlier this month wants to make sure other parents don't have to go through the same grieving experience. Dorothy Connor has created the "Connor Gage Never Walk Alone Fund" in her son's memory.

Ethan Foleu, president of the UVM Student Government Association.
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Students at the University of Vermont want to create an on-campus food pantry. The request follows a recent UVM survey showing that one in five undergraduate students at the university are not getting an adequate level of nutrition.

Preliminary autopsy reports indicate University of Vermont first-year student Connor Gage died from exposure in sub-zero temperatures and acute intoxication.

Dr. Suresh Garimella
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The University of Vermont could soon have a new president. The school announced that the "sole finalist" for the position, Dr. Suresh Garimella, will visit campus next week.

A 19-year-old University of Vermont student was found dead Saturday morning in Burlington.

"Meal kits" aim to make cooking meals at home easier and less time-consuming. We're looking at the promise and reality of meal kits and Vermont-grown alternatives.

"Meal kit" services are an increasingly popular way to put dinner on the table, delivering everything you need to prepare a meal in a single box of ready-to-cook ingredients.

But what about finding time to cook and confidence in the kitchen? Do meal kits really save time, and do they help you eat fresh and local? We're talking about meal kits and Vermont's home-grown alternatives.

Researchers at UVM and 20 other sites across the country are studying more than 11,800 children to learn how brain development relates to behavior, achievement, mental health outcomes and more.

Nearly 12,000 children aged nine and ten are now taking part in a decade-long, nationwide study looking at how young brains develop. And 577 of them are right here in Vermont.

We're talking with investigators leading the research at UVM about this landmark study and what they're learning about this pivotal decade in the development of young brains. 

In a state that's nearly 95 percent white, how do Vermont's colleges and universities attract a diverse student body?
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How do you create a diverse student body in a state like Vermont? For some schools, it's by recruiting students from out-of-state. We're looking at ways Vermont colleges and universities recruit for diversity and how they support students who make the move to Vermont.

The entrance to UVM's library in April 2016 prominently features the name of Guy Bailey. Last month the university's board of trustees approved a change dropping Bailey's name.
UVM Libraries

As the 13th president of the University of Vermont, Guy Bailey expanded the campus, constructed new buildings and led the school through the Great Depression. For decades his name adorned the university library, the Guy W. Bailey/David W. Howe Memorial Library, often called simply the Bailey/Howe Library.

But Bailey was also a proponent of eugenics. That legacy inspired students and faculty to push to drop his name from the library. Last month, the university’s board of trustees did just that, changing its name to the David W. Howe Memorial Library

About six percent of Americans may have seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a distinct form of seasonal depression. Kelly Rohan with UVM says it can be effectively treated but requires professional help.
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The days are getting shorter, the hours of daylight are fewer and this time of year it's not uncommon to experience a bout of the winter blues. But a more serious form of depression afflicts nearly six percent of the population: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. We're talking about the symptoms, misconceptions and treatments for this uniquely seasonal form of depression.

A rendering of the greenlighted multi-purpose center at the Unversity of Vermont.
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A renovated Gutterson Field House for the University of Vermont hockey team and a new basketball venue for the Catamounts are at the heart of a multi-purpose center recently greenlighted by the UVM Board of Trustees. Jeff Schulman, UVM's athletic director, spoke with VPR about the project.

A bag of potato chips with a GMO label.
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A new study from the University of Vermont shows that opposition to foods containing genetically modified ingredients in Vermont actually decreased after the state implemented mandatory GMO labelling.

Alexandra Kosiba, a UVM scientist, documented the recovery of red spruce trees in the Northeast after decline due to acid rain.
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A University of Vermont researcher says red spruce forests in the Northeast that were once damaged by acid rain are recovering, thanks to stronger pollution controls.

Students gathered in the Waterman building to call on UVM to do more to address racial justice, inequity and diversity on campus.
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Earlier this year, University of Vermont student organization NoNames for Justice pushed the school to address issues of racial justice reform. With the semester drawing to a close and graduation just days away, I spoke with two of the group's leaders about what — if anything — they feel has been accomplished.

A building on the UVM campus.
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The head coach of the University of Vermont women's basketball team has resigned.

Blue-green algae blooms, photographed in the summer of 2014 in Lake Champlain.
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Vermont’s phosphorus pollution problem is almost a century in the making and persists today, as the nutrient contained in fertilizer and animal feed continues to accumulate in watersheds.