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UPDATE 4:00 p.m. 03/13/17: The recount confirmed the election night vote totals.

A recount will be held on Monday in a close election for the mayor of Vergennes.

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Small business startups are seen as an important part of Vermont’s economy. But according to government statistics, one in five fails after one year, and about half of them are no longer in business after five years. 

Voters in the city of Vergennes say they want the Agency of Transportation to consider a change to the truck route to reduce traffic in the historic downtown.

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On Town Meeting Day voters in Vergennes will cast ballots on a plan to reroute some truck traffic around the Little City. The vote is an advisory for the city council to decide if they will pursue the bypass plan with the Agency of Transportation.

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Mel Hawley has worked for the city of Vergennes for the majority of his adult life, and he says he’s seen city maps from as early as 1910 that show underground sewer pipes. The city’s first wastewater plant was built in the early 1960s. Before that, he says, those sewer lines simply emptied into Otter Creek.

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The state of Vermont faces unique challenges when it comes to homelessness, and one Addison county shelter is trying to make a real difference.

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The city of Vergennes has a proud history of boat building. At the base of the falls on Otter Creek, Commodore Macdonough built the ships that would defeat the British in the War of 1812. Many of the steamships that plied the waters of Lake Champlain were built there too. And now, another boat building tradition thrives in Vergennes: hand-built wooden boats, in the Japanese tradition.

Voters in Vergennes voted Tuesday to support the expansion of a natural gas pipeline into their city.

Vermont Gas has asked the Public Service Board for approval to expand an existing pipeline from Chittenden to Addison County to provide service to Vergennes and Middlebury.

The Vergennes City Council voiced support for the project after a council vote last year. This week's referendum was triggered by a citizen petition asking whether city residents supported the council’s endorsement.

Mayor Bill Benton said 75 signatures were required to trigger a city-wide vote.

Voters in Vergennes are being asked to consider a scaled-down version of the new police department that was defeated on Town Meeting Day. Last month city voters defeated the $1.85 million project by just ten votes. The final tally, which was confirmed by a recount, was 292 yes to 302 no.