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UPDATE: We just released new versions of the VPR apps for iOS and Android devices and both are available for update/install from their respective app stores. Here's what you need to know.

Yesterday was Town Meeting Day in Vermont. For the uninitiated, Town Meeting Day takes place on the first Tuesday in March and is a day when Vermonters get together in their town halls to make decisions about their local government. From the perspective of a media organization needing to report results, it's a lot like an election day. 


The VPR iPhone App has been completely redesigned and it's now available for free from the App Store.


As a part of VPR's Open Source Initiative, we're rolling out a new GitHub repository where we'll share the data that we use to build our news apps. Our aim is to be as open and transparent as possible while also providing a resource for other reporters and developers in the area.

The directory is a little light on projects at the moment, but we're just getting started so stay tuned!

The VPR Data GitHub Repository

Open Sourced: Vermont Choropleth

Jun 25, 2013

With my first couple of months at VPR under my belt and the debut of the Mapping the Money project behind me, it's time to start contributing to the community! 

Inside VPR's Open Source Initiative

Jun 25, 2013

While writing this post to announce the open sourcing of the Vermont map used in the Mapping the Money project, Tim Johnson brought to my attention that the average reader of the VPR Blog might not have any idea what "open source" even meant. Given that the map marks VPR's first contribution to the open source community, it seems like the opportune time to explain the concept as well as VPR's intended role as an open source contributor.