Young At Art

A woman wearing glasses looks out from behind wooden slats.
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Hanging on the gallery walls at Central Vermont Medical Center are oil paintings of all sizes — from the very small to the very large — by Montpelier artist Emilia Olson. The exhibit is a result of Olson revisiting artwork she created, but then stored away, more than a decade ago.

A man in gold-rimmed glasses and a Malcolm X shirt stands outside a library.
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On an evening in late June, Burlington poet Rajnii Eddins stood at a podium at the Fletcher Free Library. He wore a sweatshirt printed with Malcolm X’s face and looked out at the room through large, gold-rimmed glasses. 

A man in a hawaiian shirt against a red background.
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Josh Collier first came to Vermont to sing with Opera Company of Middlebury in 2014. He and his wife liked the state so much they moved to Brandon two years ago, and since then, the 32-year-old has made it his mission to bring world class opera to the community with his wildly popular Barn Opera series. 

A woman stands between two barn doors painted with a chicken.
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Mary Lacy is a Jericho native who thinks big. She paints outdoor murals: giant images, usually of nature, that adorn urban landscapes. Her paintings of fish, hummingbirds and bees splash across buildings and along byways in vibrant color.

A black man wearing a shirt reading "silence=death" sits inside a theater.
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Jarvis Green is a 38-year-old actor, artistic director, and founder of JAG Productions, an African American theater company based in the Upper Valley.

A man in a pink shirt stands by a pond.
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For as long as he can remember, Matthew Evan Taylor has been intrigued by sound.

A woman sits on a white couch holding a cello, with posters in the background.
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Lauren Costello sat in her living room, holding her cello. The fingers of her left hand rested lightly on the strings. With her right hand, she drew her bow across the instrument. She tapped an effect pedal at her feet to make it sound like she was playing in a cavernous hall.

"It kind of has an eerie-er sound, which I like," she said.

A woman holds her arms up.
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Drew Grant has been a Vermonter for about a month.  He's a professional ballet dancer who has performed and worked around the country, and on one recent morning, he taught an eclectic group of dancers: elementary and middle school-aged kids, plus one woman in her 80s.

A woman holds a mask.
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Ceramic artist Averill McDowell first caught the pottery bug as a student at Peoples Academy, in Morrisville.

"Pottery sort of just fell perfectly in my lap," she said. "I learned a little bit in high school how to work with pottery on the wheel. But there wasn’t, like, too much direct instruction. It was more like messing around."