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VPR Choral Hour Sing-Along for 2/20 & 2/22

Choral Hour Sing-Along
Sing-along with some the masterworks of choral music on the VPR Choral Hour.

Download the score for this week's sing-along here...

Requiem - Gabriel Faure

The VPR Choral Hour offers a beloved choral work, inviting you to sing along!

On Sunday, February 20th and Tuesday, February 22nd on VPR Classical, the Choral Hour sing-along continues with Gabriel Faure's Requiem. Feel free to dust off your copy or you can download the public domain sheet music for free here...

Requiem - Gabriel Faure

Sing along this Sunday at 11 a.m., rebroadcast Tuesday at 8 p.m., on VPR Classical.