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Two Bonds Up For Vote At Ludlow Special Town Meeting

Voters in Ludlow are being called to the polls for a special town meeting vote Tuesday, May 7, to consider two spending items. The first question on the ballot seeks a $180,000 bond to finance the balance of a new fire truck.

ARTICLE I Shall the voters of the Town of Ludlow authorize the Select Board to finance the purchase [of] a new Fire Truck (replacement for two existing trucks) with a Municipal Bond in the amount of $180,000.00 for a term not to exceed 15 years? The cost of the said truck is estimated at $500,000.00 and will be funded from the Fire Equipment Fund ($220,000.00), Fire Department donations ($50,000.00), sale of existing rescue truck & engine ($50,000.00) and a Municipal Bond of $180,000.00.

The second article is regarding a $302,000 bond for infrastructure improvements including bridge and culvert work, dam and storm drain repairs, and a heating system for the town’s highway garage.

ARTICLE II Shall the voters of the Town of Ludlow authorize the Select Board to finance infrastructure improvements with a Municipal Bond not to exceed $302,000.00 with a term of 15 years to make required repairs to the following? 1. Bridge #17 (Pleasant Street Extension) $355,000.00 2. Lake Pauline Dam $40,000.00 3. West Hill Storm Drain $35,000.00 4. West Hill Culvert $55,000.00 5. Culvert under the landfill at the Transfer Station $35,000.00 6. Improvement at the Highway garage (new heating system) $6,500.00 It is anticipated that these projects will be funded by a Municipal Bond in an amount not to exceed $302,000.00 for a period not to exceed 15 years and a grant from the State of Vermont Highway Structures Program in the amount of $224,500.00. ($175,000.00 Bridge #17 and $49,500.00 West Hill Culvert).

An informational meeting will be held Monday, May 6 at 7 p.m., at the Ludlow Town Hall. Polls open at 10 a.m. the following morning and close at 7 p.m.