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New Hope For Williston's Old Brennan Barn

It's a story that's repeated across the Vermont landscape: historic barns - once treasures in their communities - falling into a near-terminal state of disrepair. Fortunately, thanks to motivated citizens who step forward to help, the story sometimes has a happy ending. That's the storyline a community group in Williston is hoping to write for the Brennan Barn.

According to Williston's website, the Brennan Barn is one of the oldest barns in western Vermont. The English style farming barn was built by the Kennedy family in 1805. The barn is now owned by the town of Williston. It sits at the corner of Mountain View Road and Brennan Woods Drive, near the entrance to the community gardens.

Unfortunately the barn is in serious disrepair and may need to be torn down in the near future, if it is not repaired. The good news is that a group of citizens are working to save the barn. They are looking for fellow volunteers to help and donations are welcome.

This year Williston, celebrates its 250th anniversary, and some residents would like to restore the barn as part of the town's commemoration. They've put up a website and are collecting donations. They expect it will cost about $100,000 to make the needed repairs.