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Try No. 2 For Vergennes Police Station

Voters in Vergennes are being asked to consider a scaled-down version of the new police department that was defeated on Town Meeting Day. Last month city voters defeated the $1.85 million project by just ten votes. The final tally, which was confirmed by a recount, was 292 yes to 302 no.

The city went back to the drawing board and scaled back some aspects of the project, based upon voter feedback. In total, 1,400 square feet were trimmed from the building footprint, and the reduced footprint eliminates the need for the city to purchase an adjacent building lot. Those changes brought the project total down to $1,56 million.

Minutes from a March 26 City Council meeting show that, at the recommendation of City Manager Mel Hawley, the Council also opted to use $100,000 from the city's Water Tower Fund to reduce the amount the city would need to borrow for the project.

The revised plan (4,611 sq. ft.) is estimated at $1.568 million that, according to Manager Hawley will be about $61 per $100,000 of assessed value. He advised he is recommending $100,000 be used out of the Water Tower Fund to put some money down on the project to reduce the payments.

At the next City Council meeting on April 9, city aldermen signed a resolution approving a $1.45 million bond vote to be held on May 14. Also on May 14, voters in Vergennes will be asked to approve a $2 million bond for improvements to Vergennes Union High School.