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Regional Report: Moretown Landfill Re-Opens For Locals

AP/Toby Talbot

The Moretown landfill is open again, but for locals only.

The facility has been in a dispute with the Agency of Natural Resources over complaints of “fugitive odors.

Residents, and drivers on Interstate 89, have been complaining about the smell around the landfill for a long time.

Joel Banner Baird has been following the story for the Burlington Free Press.

“It is kind of a sulfurous smell, it’s intermittent, may have to do with wind direction. Neighbors are complaining that there’s a good likelihood that the fugitive odors may be indication of less benign gasses coming out of the land fill due to inadequate sequestration and capture of the gases.” Baird explains. “The problem has been to everyone’s agreement has been some neglect.”

The state ordered the landfill to shut down, but the company that now owns the landfill, Advance Disposal is appealing the state’s decision, and they’ve been granted an extension.

“They’re claiming that Agency of Natural Resources is basing its decision to close the landfill on what state the landfill was when new management took over. Advance Disposal is suggesting that upgrades to pumping equipment and piping equipment and diversion of fluids is far superior to what it was last year,” Baird said.

Right now Vermont’s waste goes to the state’s remaining landfill in Coventry.

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