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Montpelier Makes Strides To Becoming Pedestrian Friendly City

The Montpelier City Council recently put together a list of goals to focus on over the next year. Among them is "to become a nationally known bike and pedestrian friendly city."

To achieve that goal, the council pledged to support the work of the city's bike committee, and it also created a new advisory committee specifically regarding pedestrians. The new standing Pedestrian Committee will "advise the Council on all matters relating to pedestrian access and safety." According to a description on the city's website this will include:

  • Receiving concerns and suggestions
  • Monitoring pedestrian infrastructure, especially sidewalks
  • Researching and collecting information about pedestrian-related matters
  • Promoting City Council's goal to "become a nationally known bike and pedestrian friendly city"
  • Encouraging people to walk in Montpelier for transit and recreation
  • Representing pedestrians when the use of streets is being determined
  • Assisting in the creation of a pedestrian plan/complete streets plan if determined to be helpful for Montpelier

Seven people applied for the seven committee spots, and all were unanimously appointed  by the City Council last month. The members are: John Snell, Michael Philbrick, Anne Ferguson, James McQueston, Harris Webster, Christian Andresen and Eve Jacobs-Carnahan.

The committee will meet the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 5:30 p.m., at the Montpelier Police Department community room.