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Vermont Artists Open Studios For Memorial Day Weekend

Vermont Arts Council

More than 200 artisans across Vermont will open their studios to visitors this weekend. It’s the 21st annual tour sponsored by the Vermont Crafts Council. Council Director Martha Fitch says it gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at how arts and crafts are made.

“Once you’ve seen something produced every single time you pick up a clay bowl or mug all of a sudden you remember the process that was used to create it and it’s just much more valuable," Fitch said.

Fitch says artists’ studio tours also take visitors into some beautiful parts of the state—often with gardens.

She says even artists who are not regularly shown in galleries can display their work in a setting that invites repeat visits.

“In  part of what we are trying to do with Open Studio Weekend over the long haul is train artists to promote their work in a low cost way and one of the low cost ways is to create an exhibition space in your studio,” Fitch said.