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Summer School: How To Call A Moose

It’s time for school! Vermont Edition Summer school that is. On this week’s installment we have a little something for the nature –lover out there: how to call a moose.

To bring us up to snuff on summoning our antlered friends, we’ll hear from Pete Rodin – a hunting and wildlife guide in Island Pond – who has been calling moose for years.

"It's very satisfactory to see them fall for it"

All you need, says Rodin, is a coffee can, shoe lace, a tree and a plastic cone. Or – if you’re short on supplies – he says you can just use your voice:“It’s more of a curiosity thing, I think. They’re funny. I’ve turned moose around when they’re going away from me just by grunting”. 

For more of our Summer School series, you can listen to Vermont Edition every Monday throughout the summer. Who knows what else you’ll learn!

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