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"Freedom and Unity", Six-Part Documentary, Set To Tour State


A new film project promises to deliver an unprecedented overview of Vermont’s history and character.

Freedom and Unity: The Vermont Movie” is a six-part collaboration of three dozen Vermont filmmakers.

The documentary series looks at the people and traditions that have shaped the state, from Abenakis and early settlers to the politicians, newcomers and back-to-the-land activists.

Filmmaker Nora Jacobson is the project coordinator for The Vermont Movie.

She says the film segments grew out of five core themes: compassion and tolerance, resistance and rebellion,  the land, education and art and culture.

Jacobson says the documentary doesn't shy away from the disturbing legacy of topics such as eugenics and racial myopia.

But she adds that Vermont has much to be proud of, as the first state to outlaw slavery, to allow same-sex civil unions and to protect the environment with Act 250.

"Freedom and Unity-The Vermont Movies will begin a barnstorming tour of Vermont Friday, September 27 at the Barre Opera House. It will also be available on DVD.

VPR's Neal Charnoff talks with Jacobson about the project.