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GOP Chair Lindley To Step Down

Vermont Republican Party Chairman Jack Lindley announced to party officials Wednesday that because of continuing health issues, he will not seek reelection as the party chair in Saturday’s election.

“I’m writing to let you know that although my recovery is going well, I will not be a candidate for chairman of the Vermont Republican Party,” he wrote. “My time and energy is best spent working on building my strength and fully recovering.”

The announcement comes after Lindley was hospitalized in late September with a condition he hasn’t publicly shared.

Acting GOP chair Deb Bucknam said on Oct. 11 that Lindley was “still planning to run.” With Wednesday’s announcement, that decision seems to have reversed.

In stepping down, Lindley voiced his support for John MacGovern, who is running in a now two-way race against former Rutland Rep. David Sunderland.

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, the top Republican office-holder in the state, endorsed Sunderland in the race last week. Lindley’s endorsement of MacGovern signals a division in party leadership over the direction the state GOP should take in coming years.

In his announcement, Lindley said he will be present at Saturday’s GOP elections, where the party will vote on the next chairman. That meeting is open to the public and is scheduled to start at 10:15 a.m.