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UPDATE: Voters Weigh In On Rural Zoning In Hinesburg

Hinesburg voters  did not overturn changes to the town's rural zoning regulations at the polls on Tuesday.  The vote was 533 in favor of repealing the new zoning rules and 626 against.

The ballot article read:

Shall the changes to the Zoning & Subdivision Regulations approved on September 9, 2013, by the Hinesburg Select Board be repealed?

VPR previously incorrectly reported the 533 to 626 vote was to defeat the zoning changes. Instead, the ballot measure defeated a provision to repeal the changes.

The Hinesburg Select Board approved the zoning changes on Sept. 9, but a group of voters petitioned for a town-wide ballot on the matter.

The changes will affect the most rural zoning districts in Hinesburg, including agricultural zones and rural residential areas designated "RR2." The changes expand the allowed uses of those properties, clarify design standards, and redefine development density.

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