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Cheaper Than An MFA: Writers Share Work In Burlington Workshop

Collen McLaughlin
When he is not hosting Weekend Edition Saturday on VPR, Peter Biello leads the Burlington Writer's Workshop.

If you’ve recently read a short story or poem by a Vermonter, chances are it was first critiqued in the Burlington Writers Workshop.

From its humble beginnings in 2009, the  free workshop has ballooned into a membership of over 400 writers from around the Northeast. Members meet in small groups once or twice a week to discuss each other’s work.

The Burlington Writers Workshop is run by Peter Biello, who is also a VPR producer and host of Weekend Edition Saturday.

Biello, who holds an MFA in Writing, compares the project to MFA workshops, minus the tuition fee (and degree).

He says there are some basic ground rules for critiquing another person's work, and that he tries to keep the dialogue constructive.

Earlier this year Biello utilized Kickstarter to raise funds for a book, The Best Of The Burlington Writers Workshop 2013.

Proceeds from that books are being turned around to publish a second volume, with submissions now being accepted.

Biello welcomes submissions in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography.