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This Year's Thanksgiving Has A Whole Lotta Latkes

As you’ve probably heard already, this year marks the auspicious conjunction of two holidays that both enjoy elaborate food traditions: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. For many people, the traditional food of Hanukkah is the latke, a potato pancake. For a lesson in how to make latkes, we turn to freelance food writer Melissa Pasanen, who usually hosts a very large Hanukkah celebration.

Melissa's tips:

  • shred 2 lbs. of well-washed, unpeeled potatoes in a food processor
  • remove half of the shredded potatoes; press them in a collander and drain them
  • peel and chop one onion in the food processor with the remaining half of potato
  • combine all the potato in a big bowl and crack an egg over it
  • mix with a pinch of kosher salt and couple tablespoons of matzo meal

Heat a couple tablespoons of oil in a heavy pan, and fry the potato pancakes till they are golden brown. Serve with apple sauce.