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Flu Season Is Underway In Vermont

Public health officials are encouraging Vermonters who haven't yet gotten flu shots to do so.

If you look at a map of the U.S. that follows the spread of flu this winter, you'll see that many states are reporting wide-spread cases of the flu. That's why public health officials in Vermont are asking people to get flu shots, if they haven’t already. State epidemiologist Patsy Kelso says the flu could be around Vermont for several more weeks or even a few more months.

Kelso also encourages people not to delay in getting vaccinated now. “It does take a couple weeks between vaccination and your body’s immune response being strong enough to fight off the flu," she says.

Kelso does allow that the flu vaccine doesn’t offer complete protection from the flu, noting "it’s not as effective as some of the other vaccines that are available." But she adds, "it is still the best protection that we have against flu and it’s what public health officials recommend as the best thing people can do to avoid getting the flu.” Kelso also advises that people take precautions against spreading germs during flu season. She says people can be infected with the flu and spread it to others before symptoms become obvious.

Vermont Department of Health Flu Information Page