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Behind The Scenes At The Olympics

AP/Mark Humphrey
Vladislav Tretiak, a former goaltender for Russia's national ice hockey team, talks with reporters at the Sochi International Airport.

The Vermont athletes who are competing in Sochi have our attention, naturally. But their stories are told by writers and reporters who are covering the Winter Games, and some of them are from Vermont, too.

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Peggy Shinn is a senior contributor to the U.S. Olympic Committee’s website, Team USA.org. She covered the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the 2012 Olympics in London and she’s now in Sochi for three weeks covering the 2014 Winter Games.    

Before she left for Sochi on Feb. 4, Shinn spoke with Vermont Edition about what it’s like to cover the Olympics, how much access she has to the athletes she covers, and how far in advance she prepares for the Olympics.