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Southern Vermont Hardest Hit By Winter Storm

Robin Turneau/ VPR
Warnings on I-89 near Sharon, Vt.

A Winter Storm Warning continues to be in effect for all of the state. The National Weather Service is predicting up to 18-inches of snow for areas of southern Vermont through the end of Friday.

The state of Vermont has authorized a reduced workforce for state employees working overnight and the opening of state offices will be delayed until 10:00 a.m. Friday. All essential employees should report to work as required.

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Mark Bosma of the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security says the Brattleboro area will be hit hardest by the storm.

“For the most part, the deepest snows that we’ll see will be in Southeastern Vermont,” said Bosma.

Bosma said he doesn’t anticipate power outages will be an issue with this storm, but encourages Vermonters to check heating vents to ensure they are clear of snow and venting properly.

Bosma said anyone who plans to drive should be aware that gusty winds are likely to cause snowdrifts and decreased visibility on roadways. But Bosma said there is an upside for fans of winter outdoor activities.

“The timing isn’t bad, it’s going to be snowing overnight tonight,” said Bosma. “We should have everything clear by the weekend so people can actually get out and enjoy the snow.”

In Brattleboro, the snow has been particularly heavy. Steve Barrett is Brattleboro’s public works director. He says crews have been working hard all night, and are keeping up pretty well with the storm.

“We did have several breakdowns of our equipment, which isn’t unusual during a larger event,” said Barrett. “The roads right now are snow-covered, they are slippery, it’s going to take us quite a few hours to get everything cleaned back up.”

Barrett says predictions that the snow would turn to ice or freezing rain have not materialized, though temperatures have risen to just above freezing.

“The snow is light which is favorable if you have to shovel it yourself, and for our bigger equipment it does help,” said Barrett.

Updated: Friday, Feb. 14, 7:30  a.m.