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Union Says Layoffs Imminent At IBM's Essex Plant

Update: Gov. Peter Shumlin confirmed Thursday that layoffs are taking place at IBM in Vermont.

A union group says it expects layoffs Wednesday at IBM’s Essex Junction facility.

Big Blue indicated earlier this year that layoffs were likely as a result of declining company profits.

Lee Conrad with Alliance at IBM said on Tuesday that the group is hearing that employees at IBM facilities in New York state and in Vermont will receive termination notices Wednesday.

“Today we’re getting some conflicting information in New York but in Vermont we’re hearing it’s the system technology group which is the biggest section of IBM in Burlington, to expect possible job cuts Wednesday,” he said.

IBM is expected to layoff thousands of workers globally. 

Last year 419 employees in Essex Junction were let go.   

Department of Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan says the state has not received any information about layoffs. 

By law IBM is required to notify the state within 24 hours following the termination of more than 25 employees. 

If employees are given 30 days notice as they were last year, the company would not be required to notify the state until the end of that period.

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