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Voices In The Week's News: March 14, 2014

Ric Cengeri
Milk prices paid to farmers have reached record highs.

The debate intensified at the Statehouse over the paid sick leave bill, the St. Johnsbury school board tried to garner support for its budget re-vote, Vernon residents sought to restore funding for their police department, milk prices for farmers hit record highs and Mother Nature dropped a late winter snow storm on the area. 

These were some of the voices in the news this week:

Debate Intensifies Over Paid Sick Leave Bill

“Yes the business community has some legitimate concerns because it’s new for them. But the concerns do not match reality because what do you get in return? What do you get in return for treating your employees well?” - Former GoveernorMadelieneKunin

St. Johnsbury School Board Seeks Support For Budget Revote

“The value of the St. Johnsbury School working, so that by eighth grade the students here were equal to those who had begun way above in terms of testing further around the state. I don’t think enough taxpayers saw that or saw that in print.” - St. Johnsbury resident Bob Swartz

Vernon Petitioners Hope Revote Will Restore Funding For Town Police

"The vote was 118 to 112. So only 230 people were in attendance out of the 1600-plus voters that we have in town. It didn’t seem right. We need to have a larger constituency there to make a decision of this magnitude." - Vernon resident Mike Ball

Milk Price Paid To Farmers Hits Record High

“California, the far West can usually crank production up quickly but there’s not a lot of feed available and what is is extremely expensive. Things will change. The Midwest got a lot of snow this winter, the drought conditions should be alleviated.  Milk prices go up, production increases and milk prices go down.” - Diane Bothfeld, deputy secretary, Vermont Agency of Agriculture