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Transitioning From The Battlefield To The Classroom

AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti
U.S. soldiers patrol the outskirts of Spin Boldak, near the border with Pakistan.

Re-adjusting to home life for a soldier returning from a deployment is fraught with challenges. They are expected to pick up where they left off a year or so before.

Now imagine taking on all that comes with pursuing an academic degree. And factor in the possibility of the veteran returning with PTSD or a traumatic brain injury.

Lily Casura is a author and journalist and the creator of the website Healing Combat Trauma. She is in Burlington this week to speak at a symposium at UVM’s Blackboard Jungle 7 symposium, where she will explain the challenges returning veterans face on campus and how colleges can help them with that transition.

Casura spoke with Vermont Edition about how veterans can successfully make the transition from the battlefield to classroom.