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Shumlin Calls For End To CCTA Strike

Taylor Dobbs
CCTA bus drivers have been on strike since March 17.

Gov. Peter Shumlin urged drivers and management of the Chittenden County Transportation Authority on Tuesday to agree on a contract deal as soon as possible.

Amid the third week of the drivers’ strike over working hours and conditions, Shumlin expressed concern for the CCTA’s regular passengers.

"This has gone beyond the point where Vermonters have patience." - Gov. Peter Shumlin

"We’re talking about 10,000 people,” Shumlin said. “Some of the most vulnerable Vermonters, who can’t get to work. Kids who can’t get to doctors, you know, parents who can’t get to doctors appointments. I mean, we’ve got to get this thing resolved.”

Shumlin’s comments come after the CCTA board of commissioners voted Monday evening to allow the company to line up temporary drivers that could resume service before the end of the strike. The board would have to vote again before the company could resume service with temporary drivers.

During the first two weeks of the strike, CCTA passengers have walked, carpooled, biked and taken taxis to get around.

“We’ve got folks scraping pennies together trying to get a taxi,” Shumlin said, “and sometimes taxis – you have to wait three hours. You know, this has gone beyond the point where Vermonters have patience.”

Bob Kinzel contributed to this report.

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