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Brattleboro Author Specializes In Home Decor On A Budget

Elle James
Desha Peacock explores the "Sweet Spot" of home decor in her new book.

Desha Peacock wears many hats as an entrepreneur based in her hometown of Brattleboro. As a career development and lifestyle expert, she’s coaches people in finding what she calls the “sweet spot” of success.

She has now applied her philosophy to home decor, highlighted in her new book: 'Creating The Style You Crave On A Budget You Can Afford: A Sweet Spot Guide To Home Decor'.

On Friday, Peacock will unveil an unusual combination book launch and art show, which will take place in a downtown home décor pop-up shop.

The event will be at 12 Flat Street from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Peacock says she wanted to create an "accessible"  book for people who feel they don't have enough time or money to devote to creating the  home environment they desire.

She suggests breaking large-scale projects into manageable chunks, by focusing on one room at a time. She also offers tips to find free or low-cost home decor items, such as shopping on Ebay, or even visiting the town dump.