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Read This Blog Before It's Gone

Charlotte Albright
Becky Munsterer posts for her observational blog daily, and the posts are deleted at the end of each day.

A few years ago, writer Becky Munsterer had the idea of publishing a novel online…one page at a time.

Her page-per-day audience at Novel Nibble.com gradually grew to over one thousand followers, who enjoyed the serialized story-telling component. 

Now Munsterer, who lives in Norwich,  is writing an observational blog--again, one page at at time. The caveat is that each page is deleted at the end of the day,  lost to the ether, and immune to comments both complimentary and snarky.

Her followers now know her as “The Author Of The Disappearing Blog.” Munsterer says she was inspired in part by Snapchat, a service which allows you to send photos that then disappear.

The service made her wonder what exactly makes online content valuable.

Munsterer says she feels a more intimate relationship with her readers, who are aware that her observations will be "gone with the wind" at the end of the day.

In the end, she says the experience underscores the passion a person must have to write, both personally and professionally.