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Scott Milne Says DUI, Cocaine Arrests Made For 'Powerful Life Lessons'

Scott Milne
Scott Milne, the Republican candidate for governor, released information about past medical history and arrests.

A Republican candidate for governor used the beginning of the holiday weekend as occasion to disclose publicly some youthful indiscretions that he’s hoping will not become fodder for the upcoming political campaign.

In a press release sent to media outlets across Vermont, Scott Milne said that during an 18-month period in college 35 years ago, he was arrested twice for driving under the influence and once for possession of a small amount of marijuana and cocaine.

"Though I was academically successful, I was making poor choices. These were embarrassing and powerful life lessons of which I am not proud,” Milne said in a written statement. "Shortly after these incidents, I stopped using drugs and committed to only consume alcohol in moderation. As an adult, I have used these lessons, and others, as the foundation of a life dedicated to personal responsibility and improvement, and for understanding and talking with others who may need a hand up or a shoulder to lean on.”

Milne, owner of Milne Travel, also disclosed Thursday that he suffered a stroke in 2006. He said that, thanks in part to the quick action of his 16-year-old daughter, who was home with him at the time, “I have made a full recovery, have very little residual effect and I have my doctor's medical clearance for the rigors of both a vigorous campaign and serving as governor.”

Since announcing his candidacy June 12, Milne’s campaign has been slow getting off the ground. He still doesn’t have a campaign website, for example.

Milne said that in exposing his skeletons now, he hopes not only to “demonstrate that transparency is more than just a talking point,” but to “let folks know more about me, including my mistakes, so they can fully evaluate which candidate they will elect as governor for the next two years.”

Milne said he also wants to diminish the prospect that his arrests record or health history would be used against him by the Democratic incumbent, Gov. Peter Shumlin.

"From this point forward,” Milne said, “our campaign will focus on the challenges Vermont faces and on convincing Vermonters that I can better manage state government and be a stronger advocate for job creation, an economy that ensures the economic security of every family and making our state--including healthcare and property taxes--much more affordable."

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