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Dartmouth Holds Sexual Assault Summit

This week, Dartmouth College is hosting a week-long Summit on Sexual Assault on College Campuses for several hundred college and university representatives, experts, students and non-profit organizations from around the country. Beginning Monday, July 13, the Summit will educate campus and community stakeholders on sexual assault prevention, education and response. Participants will also learn about best practices to apply in their own schools. Dartmouth spokesman Justin Anderson says sexual assault on campus has been a taboo topic for too long.

“I think this has been an issue that has plagued society for years, but largely went unspoken. I think now we have reached the point where people have had enough, people are fed up, people are primed for action,” Anderson said.

Along with over 50 other colleges and universities nationwide, Dartmouth is under federal investigation for the way it handles sexual assault complaints. But the school has recently stepped up penalties for such crimes, and is also launching a Center for Community Action and Prevention, which will be a hub for violence prevention programs.