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Stowe Gets Ready To Tango

Eduardo Milieris
Argentinean bandoneonist Héctor Del Curto has captivated the audiences around the world as a soloist and chamber musician."

You may think you know Tango, through the movies and perhaps through the recordings of Astor Piazzolla. But Tango has a rich history that goes back over a century.

You can immerse yourself in the sound and culture of Tango in the upcoming Stowe Tango Music Festival, August 20 through the 23.

The festival's Artistic Director, Hector Del Curto is also a a world-renowned bandoneon player.

Del Curto says Tango was born in Argentina,  with roots stemming from European immigrants and African slaves.

He says that while Tango may be thought of as  "The Language of Love", it  is really the language of people expressing themselves in many ways, including sadness.

He believes the perception of sensuality comes from the closeness  required by tango, and passion the dance inspires.

Del Curto says it's important to understand the essence of tango, as well as it's history.

He says the Stowe Tango Music Festival welcomes both newbies and veterans, with many opportunities to learn how to dance the tango.