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Vandalism Woes Persist In Wallingford

Vandalism problems have plagued Wallingford in recent months.

At select board meetings on September 8 and September 22 the board discussed vandalism and the theft of redeemable bottles and copper from air conditioners at the town transfer station.

Minutes from August 18 show the board held a lengthy discussion on vandalism at the town's recreation area and decided to hold off on building a new pavilion at Elfin Lake due to the extent of the problem. The board also discussed enforcement measures such as surveillance cameras, better lighting and increased law enforcement patrols.

Most recently, the October edition of the town newsletter, the Wallingford News, reported that vandals completely destroyed the work done by the Conservation Commission at the canoe launch on Waldo Lane. The damage was discovered on September 23:

The retaining wall for the river bank was kicked in, and the logs were pushed in the water. The stakes, string and flags that marked the site were uprooted and tossed in Otter Creek. And the Green Up Day bag that had been used to keep the site clean and all the litter in it also had been chucked in the creek and was trapped against the bank downstream.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Town Administrator Sandi Switzer.