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Spaulding: State College Funding Won't Change Much

If there are people thinking, 'Hey, here's Jeb Spaulding, former chair of Appropriations Committee, knows most of the people at the Statehouse. He's just going to go down there and convince them to give us a whole lot of new money.' I don't think that's realistic.

The incoming chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges says not to expect significant new funding for higher education in the state.

Spaulding told VPR’s Vermont Edition this week that his background in state finances isn’t enough to change level of support the state gives to higher ed. Spaulding acknowledges that Vermont consistently ranks low among the 50 states in the level of state funding for public colleges and universities, but he says the reality of the state budget means there won’t be a major infusion of new money into the Vermont State Colleges this year.

Jeb Spaulding is leaving his position as Administration Secretary to lead the state college system in January.

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