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Remember Local Phone Books? Shrewsbury Is Bringing Its Back

The rise in cell phone use has meant the demise of local phone books in many towns. In Shrewsbury, residents have formed a committee to revive the town phone book, according to the October town newsletter. And it only makes sense that the committee is made up of book lovers – local library trustees and members of the Friends of the Shrewsbury Library.

The newsletter includes a form for residents who want to be listed in, or opt out of, the town phone book. In addition to listing phone numbers, there's also an option to have email addresses and children's names listed. The newsletter article states:

Realizing how much town folks use and cherish the local phone books of the past, a committee of several Shrewsbury Library Trustees and Friends of the Library are planning to compile a new Shrewsbury Phone Book.

The phone book committee is accepting advertising as well as listing information. Those interested should contact the Shrewsbury Library.

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