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South Burlington Teacher Strike Continues, Student Activites Resume

The South Burlington School Board and teachers still haven’t come to an agreement after 11 hours of negotiations Thursday, but the school system announced yesterday that non-academic activities will resume.

According to a release from the school board, “the Teachers’ Association and School Board remain apart on both salaries and employee contributions towards health insurance premiums.”

The board says a three-year proposal currently on the table would increase salary by 7.58 percent and increase teacher contribution to health care premiums to 17 percent. At the same time, the offer would shift salary increases to the more junior teachers. The board has said this structure would help lower paid teachers cover the increased health insurance costs.

A counterproposal from the teachers’ union, according to the board, seeks a 10.2 percent increase in pay and an increase to teacher contributions of 16.5 percent toward health care premiums.

The board says the teachers’ counterproposal would cost an additional $2.5 million.

While the sides remain at odds, the district announced Thursday that sports and student clubs and co-curriculars such as drama would resume Friday regardless of the status of contract negotiations.

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