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How To Pick A Pumpkin

Toby Talbot
This file photo from 2013 shows Erin Packie and her son, Silas, selecting a pumkin in Northfield.

On Halloween night, front porches across Vermont will be illuminated by the glow of hand-carved Jack-o’-Lanterns. Some will sport a classic spooky grin, while others might be a bit more intricate.

Carving a Jack-o’-Lantern that will catch the eye of your neighborhood trick-or-treaters - perhaps just enough to prevent them from smashing your handiwork – is yet another Halloween tradition.

Erin Lucey spoke to Joe Weaver, who owns Red Barn Gardens on Route 2 in Williston with his wife Carolyn. He gave us some tips on what makes a pumpkin ideal for carving.