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Milne Launches First TV Ad Two Weeks Before Election

Scott Milne, by his own account, likes to keep things "boring." But political insiders have been wondering just how boring the Republican candidate can afford to be; Gov. Peter Shumlin has already put out four television ads and as of Oct. 15, Milne's only ad buys were on Facebook.

But Milne finally started ramping up his campaign last week with three weeks to go before the election. Last Wednesday, he unveiled his plan to cut education costs and freeze educational property taxes. This week, he plans to announce his jobs package. And Tuesday he announced a $78,825 ad buy and released his first TV ad.

The ad opens with the sound of a jetliner and an ominous hum in the background. It calls up headlines about Shumlin's 144 days spent out of state. A woman's voice laments that "when Peter Shumlin is out of state, Vermont's problems are out of mind." A few more headlines pop up, focusing on perceived weaknesses in Shumlin's economic record as stock footage of an empty wallet and someone counting coins plays beneath the text.

Cue valiant victory music and a well-groomed Scott Milne, who quickly lays out the foundation of his platform for voters. The female voiceover comes back in for one last zinger: "Scott Milne for Governor. Focused on solutions - full time."

It remains to be seen whether the $78,825 buy will make a significant impact against Shumlin, who was spending at a clip of $15,000 a day earlier this month. But hey, it may be more effective than a video of Scott Milne throwing dried cow poop. Although his aim is true. 

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