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Listen: The 95-Second Story Behind Vermont's Iconic Salve For Cows And People

Charlotte Albright
Bag Balm has been soothing cows' udders and humans' blisters for more than 100 years. The company was recently bought by a group of investors looking to expand the brand.

Over the past century, Bag Balm has become a staple in barns, bathrooms and kitchens all over America. The yellow, gooey salve in a bright green and pink tin is used for everything from softening cows' teats to quieting squeaky bedsprings. Bag Balm even soothed the legs of dogs that searched the Twin Tower rubble after 9/11. 

Mark Perkins, who’s been mixing and packaging the stuff for over 17 years, gives a quick tour at the Lyndonville assembly line and tells the ointment's creation story.

Bag Balm was family-owned for over a century, but has recently been sold to new owners who want to quadruple sales and get FDA approval for human as well as veterinary skin care claims.   

Note: This post was originally published with the headline Hear How Bag Balm, Vermont's Iconic Salve For Cows And People, Came To Be.

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