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Guns, Drugs Stolen From Newport Evidence Locker

Police say a Troy man was arrested Sunday for allegedly stealing evidence from the Newport City Police Department, including narcotics and handguns.

Newport police checked on the evidence locker Sunday night when Probation and Parole officers said they found empty evidence bags in a residence. On their way to the residence, Newport officers saw 19-year-old Mikeal Rivers who was suspected in an earlier incident.

Police say Rivers “attempted to run away from the officers when he saw them,” but police apprehended him and found that he was carrying evidence that had been stolen from the police department.

Rivers was arrested on charges of burglary, possession of narcotics, obstruction of justice and grand larceny. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon.

This is the second case of theft from an evidence locker in recent months. Colchester detective Tyler Kinney was arrested in November on suspicion of stealing drugs and firearms from the Colchester Police department.

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