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Tips For A Safe Green Up Day

A couple weeks ago, a message went out on Mont Holly's listserv from someone who found a cache of used hypodermic needles along a roadside when the snowbanks receded. The Black River Area Community Coalition responded to the post and stated that law enforcement officials had cleaned up the site.

Noting that Green Up Day was approaching, the post also passed along the following tips from the Vermont Department of Health regarding safe disposal methods for found syringes and lancets:

  • Wear heavy duty gloves, and use a tool like tongs or pliers to pick up the sharp and place it in a heavy duty plastic container with a screw top. A laundry detergent bottle works the best.
  • Put the whole thing needle end down into the container.
  • Label the bottle "DO NOT RECYCLE"
  • Do not fill the container to the top.
  • When done, wrap duct tape around the cap, and place the container in household trash. DO NOT RECYCLE
  • Teach children to tell an adult if they find needles, and not to touch or pickup needles or other sharp objects.

Needles aren't the only hazard you may come across this Saturday if you're participating in Green Up Day. Green Up organizers advise wearing heavy shoes and gloves to protect against roadside hazards. Wearing bright colors will allow you to be more visible to passing motorists.
Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks are another concern. The Vermont Department of Health suggests using a tick repellant, wearing long pants and sleeves, and tucking your pant legs into your socks to keep ticks off your skin. Remember to do a thorough tick check when you are finished greening up. Ticks are more easily spotted on light clothing than dark.

The Health Department also has tips on what to do if a tick bites.

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