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Bristol To Vote On Bond For New Fire Station

Voters in Bristol will head to the polls on Tuesday, July 7, to weigh in on a plan for a new fire station.

Bristol Town Administrator Therese Kirby says this is the third time the town has considered a plan to replace the aging fire station. An engineering study found that the historic fire station is not useable.

“It’s structurally unsound. The fire department had to pull equipment out of it. They could no longer utilize the building for their normal meetings and training,” Kirby said.

Voters will cast ballots on a $3.19 million, 30-year bond to build a new station and purchase 9 acres of land.

The fire station would use about 2 acres and the rest of the property would be available for the town to either sell or use for another purpose.

Here's a closer look at some of the project numbers:

  • Bond amount: $3.19 million
  • Bond term: 30 years
  • Total size of lot being purchased: 9.03 acres
  • Building lot size: 2.7 acres
  • Building square footage: 11,010
  • Building stories: 2
  • Estimated tax impact on $100,000 home: 22 cents per day
  • Estimated tax impact on $150,000 home: 33 cents per day
  • Estimated tax impact on $200,00 home: 43 cents per day
  • Estimated tax impact on $250,000 home: 54 cents per day

If the measure passes, the town will break ground on the fire station as soon at the 30-day window to rescind the vote expires.

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