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Vermont Attorneys Blog (And Joke) About The State's Supreme Court

Some of the decisions issued by the Vermont Supreme Court can be a little ... well, boring. But what if there was somebody to explain the idea of "legal indemnification" as two buddies arguing over a dinner tab? Or if you could have a caricature of Yosemite Sam walk you through the ins and outs of Vermont's Professional Responsibility Board? 

Enter SCOVlaw (pronounced "scofflaw" — get it?), as in the law of the Supreme Court of Vermont. 

The blog is written by a team of Vermont attorneys who summarize our high-court's legal opinions in plain English, with a fair amount of lampooning along the way.

To learn more, VPR recently spoke with the blog's founder, Montpelier attorney Dan Richardson, and its editor, Andrew Delaney, who is a lawyer in Barre.

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