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Before 2016, Listen Back To Vermont's Year In Sound

Angela Evancie, Patti Daniels, Angela Evancie, Jane Lindholm, Oliver Parini for VPR, Patti Daniels, Nina Keck, Howard Weiss-Tisman
From left to right, top row: Gov. Shumlin; Yacouba Jacob Bogre; pro single-payer protesters. Middle row: Baby bear; Sen. Sanders; protester with Black Lives Matter poster. Bottom: Opera singers Emily Donato, Benjamin Liupaogo; Dorset quarry; Artie Aiken.

As 2015 draws to a close, we've taken a look through our archives for the sound that best captures some of events that unfolded this year. 

Some of the stories were big: Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his bid for the presidency, protesters disrupted Gov. Peter Shumlin's third inaugural address and a Department for Children and Families case worker, Lara Sobel, was shot and killed, allegedly over a child custody battle.

Some of the stories were reverberations from afar: Vermonters participated in the Black Lives Matter movement, responded to the many mass shootings that took place around the country and voiced opinions on the growing number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum.

Some stories were loud and swinging, like the story of a passionate music teacher who retired after a 40-year career. Others were quiet and profound, like the reflections of a mother whose daughter died of an accidental overdose. At least one involved black bears.

Take a listen, and join us in this moment of reflection at the cusp of a new year.

The stories included in this feature are, in order of appearance: