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Flint, Michigan, Isn't Alone: Residents In Hoosick Falls Told Water Is Unsafe

Residents have been told by the Environmental Protection Agency that their water is unsafe to drink. People are outraged, are asking tough questions of local officials, and wondering how things got to this point. The story has drawn the attention of a high-profile environmental public advocate and celebrity.

And we're not talking about Flint, Michigan.

Instead, it's the village of Hoosick Falls in New York, close to the border of southern Vermont and the town of Bennington. 

The 3,500 residents of Hoosick Falls are being told that their drinking water contains a chemical known as PFOA, which has been shown to cause cancer in animals

Casey Seiler, Brendan Lyons and Rick Karlin of the Albany Times Union have been following the issue; read their coverage here.  

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