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Downtown Winooski Evacuated After 'Clandestine' Lab Discovered

Patti Daniels
Emergency officials closed Main Street in Winooski and called in a hazmat team after police discovered a "clandestine lab" in an apartment.

Traffic in downtown Winooski ground to a halt Tuesday afternoon after police and emergency workers evacuated buildings and blocked traffic to Burlington while investigating a clandestine lab in a building on Main Street. 

Officials said the lab was a potential haz mat incident, prompting the evacuation.

Winooski Police said in a statement that they found the lab while checking on a tip.

"After initial investigation it was determined there were items present which indicated the presence of a functional clandestine lab," the statement said.

Chandra Duba was watching the commotion as she waited to return to her home.

"Well, I got home from work and apparently there was a meth lab that had been exposed in one of the buildings right next to my house,” she said while waiting at a nearby pizza place.

Duba was among several residents who were forced to leave their apartments. As of Tuesday evening, police had announced no arrests in the ongoing investigation.